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BIYOMAP 130 x 160


9 in stock


9 in stock

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Are you moving paintings? This needs tob e done in a protected way at all times. Limit damage with our Biyomap!

The Biyomap is breathable, water-repellent, cost saving and especially sustainable because you no longer need bubble wrap. Just like all our products, our Biyomap will last for years.The Biyomap has a handy Velcro closure and can be adjusted to differentheights.

The Biyomap provides maximum protection for precious or exclusive wall decoration.

Our Biyomaps are available in no fewer than 13 different sizes, so you always have the right size at your disposal.Each size has its own colour border so you can easily distinguish the different sizes. If desired, the sleeve can also be printed with your company logo.

Let the painting hang on the wall and pull the sleeve around the painting from below.Then lift the painting into the sleeve from the wall, close the folder and done!

If you have a landscape-size painting, use two Biyomaps. Use one sleeve on each side and attach the flap to the Velcro strip of the other sleeve.

You can also use the Biyomap to send something in.


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