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The packing materials used when moving often consist of bubble wrap or stretch film. This plastic is thrown away after transport. There’s got to be a different, better way!

Since 2016, we have been offering moving companies a number of unique products that make transporting goods a lot more efficient, safer and more sustainable.

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Protection Quilts

Custom Made

Removal can be cheaper, better and, above all, more sustainable!


because you simply don't have to buy a new roll of film or other packaging material each time. You only need to buy our products once. The high quality of all our products guarantees many years of use. This ensures that in the long run you will be out cheaper.


because you can work faster and more efficiently. Better because you have less chance of damage. Both damage to the goods to be transported but also damage to your staff, such as cuts, etc. This means that you spend less time and especially money on insurance work and other hassle!


because you only have to buy our products once. You don't need any more foil that you throw away after one-time use. Our products last for hundreds, if not thousands, of transports.


Companies that use our protection quilts

Transport Fritz Hendrich